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GOMC Server Information
Started by Ecclesiastioc

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30 Jan 2022
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06 Sep 2023

Hello, welcome to the GOMC section of the forums. This post is somewhat a landing page for this, and will detail some pertinent information about the server.


Minecraft Server IP - pin.ngel.ru:35566
Discord Invite link - discord.gg/5WP4F5z
Forums URL - https://pin.ngel.ru/

The Forums

We have had a website for the last couple of years, however we never really utilised it. It's been a long-term goal for us to begin to migrate some processes such as Staff Applications and Ban Appeals to this platform. Having a forums also allows us to have clearer ways for players to provide feedback and suggestions to us, which are a key part of developing the server in the ways that players enjoy. And of course you are more than welcome to use the Forums to discuss whatever topics you like (as long as they fit within the rules). We trust the different sections are named such that it is obvious what content should be going where.

GOMC or United Angels?

To try and avoid the common confusion between United Angels and GOMC, it is most easily laid out as follows. United Angels is a network of Minecraft servers run by Siliconheart, which currently consists of GOMC, UA5 (formerly UFA, formerly UA3), Creative, and the Anarchy server. In future, if the UA5 staff decide to, there may be UA5- or even Anarchy-related sections of the forums. However, these will always be clearly labelled to avoid confusion.


We look forward to seeing how these forums are utilised and what effect it can have on both our day-to-day running of the server, as well as the community that has formed around the server. Feedbacks and suggestions for improvements are always welcome, of course.


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