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GOMC - Rules

Girls Only MC Rules
Rule #0 - No Boys!
This is a Girls Only server! Boys will be banned from the server no questions asked. This extends to shared accounts ("This is my brother's account" is not a valid excuse from being banned). We also cannot allow transgender individuals onto the server.

1. No spamming any chats, or advertising any servers (Discord/Minecraft) or personal media (such as YouTube). Use discretion and direct messages.

2. No harassment, discrimination, personal attacks, or flaming of any kind will be tolerated. Offenders will be banned/muted without warning.

3. No sharing of personal or private information. Your privacy is important, especially if you are a minor. We do not allow the sharing of any such information and offenders will be banned/muted.

4. No promotion or glorifcation of self-harm, suicide, etc.

5. Do not spread false or incorrect information about the servver or staff.

6. Impersonation of staff is not acceptable under any circumstances. All staff have clearly marked in-game, Discord, and forum roles.

7. Explicit content is expressly forbidden in all channels/chats/forums. This also extends to inappropriate conversation topics such as religion, substance abuse, alcohol, etc...

8. Swearing is not allowed in any public chat/forum. The current safe-swear list consists of: "hell, "damn", and "ass". Any swearing directed at another player is not allowed.

9. Follow all staff directions, do not argue, backchat, or try to toe the line.

10. Please do not beg staff for items, commands, or special privileges. It is not their responsbility to give you special treatment, nor are you entitled to it.

11. Griefing is not allowed, however staff are only requried to enforce this and rollback builds that have been griefed inside a Towny claim. It is up to the discrtion of the staff member involved if they want to rollback a griefed build outside of a Towny claim.

12. No Hacking or Cheating of any kind is allowed. This includes x-ray, autoclickers, movement hacks, etc. Visual mod clients such as OptiFine are however allowed.

13. Inappropriate builds of any kind are not allowed. This includes builds designed to lag the server, which will be removed without warning.

14. Since the server allows both Bedrock and Java accounts, a plyer can use either a Bedrock or Java account to play the server. However they are not to use these accounts to play both at the same time, nor are they to be "loaned out" for usage by another player.

15. Only ping staff when necesary, and please avoid pinging multiple staff or pinging a staff member multiple times.

16. Please keep your Discord nickname as something that is mentionable without overuse of characters you wouldn't typically find on an English QWERTY keyboard.


A more expansive and detailed document of these rules can be found here: