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5 months ago
A bit sexist if you ask me

So imo it is wrong to have a girls only minecraft server. I am a boy and i joined earlier and got banned obviously. When i read the description it said that boys weren't allowed because of greifing and stuff. I think that instead of banning a whole gender from entering the server just ban the people who actually greif its not like i was going to ask for less pink or anything i was fine with how it was. Plus you cant just assume someone is a boy or girl just because of their skin or user. You should accept everyone for who they are ( ik that sounds corny but its true).I wasnt even causing any problems. I was literally trying to find a flower for a flower pot i crafted when i got banned. You can make the server geared towards girls but dont ban everyone who isnt a girl. If this was truly angels united you wouldnt be trying to be separate. I look forward to the day i can go back to the cave house i built in your server when you learn to accept people - jonah_cool( you probably remember banning me) Peace out good luck with the server