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If i built a house in  a wild, is there a way i can teleport to there?
If you just warped to wild, built a house, ant then teleport to spawn, then no, there is no easy way to return there. Next time you warp wild and decide to build a house, do one of the following:
1. Inside your build, do /sethome to return do /home
2. Create a claim - place a chest or use golden showel
3. Press F3 and write down coordinates (X, ,Z) to return navigate to these coordinates (having F3 screen on) or ask an Admin to teleport you there 4. Starting from Lieutenant rank you can just do /back to return to point from you teleported/warped/died<time datetime="2020-05-13T08:38:50.054Z" role="note" aria-label="Wednesday, May 13, 2020 10:38 AM">(edited)</time>
The /rankup command says I need XXX money to rankup, where do I get money? Or does it need real money?
This is game money, not real money. So you must earn it in-game. - Do /jobs browse and select up to 3 jobs with right-click. You will earn money while performing tasks related to job (miner - break stone or ore, builder - place blocks, hunter - kill mobs, etc) - Mine resources - cobblestone, dirt, red sand, etc. and sell it in shop at spawn