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Minecraft Server, Discord  Server and Site rules
1. No spamming, advertising other servers, not safe for work photos etc. Don't be rude and annoying. We want to keep the atmosphere positive.
2. No harassment, racism, discrimination, insensitive commenting, flaming, and personal attacks will be tolerated. Opinion and criticism is welcomed, but toxic behavior is not.
3. No sharing of personal or private information about others, and malicious attacks. You will be banned immediately without a warning.
4. Do not promote self-harm, suicide in any form (including kys memes). You will be banned from the server without a warning.
5. Do not spread false or incorrect information about the server or staff.
6. Only ping or mention staff roles on the Discord if the situation is dire. Do not use this for simple questions or you will be reprimanded for it. Use this to alert someone of rule-breakers, and so forth. You could also easily DM someone on the staff team for assistance as well, particularly for reporting hackers (pvp is not a reason to dm staff unless hacks are involved)
7. Your Discord nickname must not be offensive, and as well your "Playing" status must be appropriate.
8. We ask you that you use a nickname that's mention-able or with some sort of name we can call you. If your nickname on the server is similar to a staff member's name then you will be asked to change it, if you don't change you will be kicked from the server.
9. Bots aren't allowed on this server unless approved by an community manager / owner and serve a specific purpose. We don't accept user bots. You can test your bots on your own Discord Server.
10. Follow all staff members instructions that are given to you, if you're told to stop doing something, stop it.